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I Choked a Bit on This One

Sorry I choked…..  see the end of the video 🙂 Last week we ran the inaugural Supply Chain Leaders Insight Event here in Sydney. It was a full day of ’round table’ coaching sessions with 20 Industry Experts leading discussions on all many of things Supply Chain. Ticket prices were crazy low so as to threw the event open to all comers and all ticket sales went to Charity…on the Day. I got a very emotional phone call at the...

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Three Weeks till I get to have FUN

Three times a year, I get to hang out with some awesome people.  We get to share knowledge, talk about career boosting stuff and how to improve Supply Chain performance. And we also get to ‘kick back’ and relax over a great dinner.  It’s not all work and no play! This is where we hang out 🙂  Can’t wait to see you all again…. Want to come and hang out with us too? You can. Just check out this link:...

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