In these highly competitive and tough economic times, finding and maintaining the right Business Focus is essential. I really enjoy helping people find it … because there is no greater reward than helping others succeed

Rob O’Byrne

Rob O'Byrne

Hi, welcome to my website.

I’m Rob O’Byrne and I own the Logistics Bureau Group that I founded in 1997.

Logistics Bureau was originally just a specialist Supply Chain and Logistics consulting company, but has now expanded into 6 related companies, with more to come.

These companies cover Supply Chain Consulting, Benchmarking, Education for major corporations and also helping small businesses succeed through a Social Enterprise in the Philippines.

At the Logistics Bureau, our main business, our passion is helping organisations improve their performance with a focus on Logistics and Supply Chain. We have assisted organisations across most industry sectors.

We’re based in SE Asia and Australia, but conduct customer assignments all over the World. Currently we are up to 1,200 assignments conducted in 23 countries! And do you know, that at the start of those 1,200 assignments, our customers generally had no idea of the magnitude of the hidden benefits waiting to be unlocked from their Supply Chains.

You can visit Logistics Bureau at

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